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Aeolian Islands 3D Model

A Virtual reality application



The 3D model is composed by aerial images with detail about 1 meters and elevation grids with detail about 25 meters. The seven distinct models of the respective islands were inserted in a 3D world in VRML format, to be shown from a diffuse player, and with the possibility of inserting interactive elements.
To allow a fluid navigation in a 3D scene of remarkable dimension and detail, was used multiresolution technology in combination with the "level of detail" which dynamically download the scene on the basis of the distance from the observer.

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Browser: Internet Explorer (version 5 or higher)

VRML Browser: Blaxxun Contact (version 5 or higher, automatic download) or BSContact (version 6 or higher)

Reccomended hardware: PIII 800 MHz, 256 MBytes RAM, 16 MBytes video memory

Reccomended connection: broadband (256 KBs or higher)

Aeolian Islands full-website (preview)

The 3D model is a part of a touristic web portal about Aeolian Islands.
This website will have a lot of informations about the 7 islands: descriptions, images, 360 degree panoramas (more than 500 immersive images) and much other.


click on the following links to see some pages (italian language only, sorry):

homepage - 3dmodel - Lipari Virtual Tour (the latter requires QuickTime version 5 or higher)




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