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Isola di Panarea (HYCESIA) Area 3,2  sq. km Abitanti 276

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The western cliffs  hosting a rich flora of  endemic species: the Silene hicesiae, the a Centaurea aeolica (both exclusive in the archipelago), the Iberis semperflorens, the Seseli prostrate. In the same environments nests a colony of falcon of the Queen (Falco eleonorae). On the small  islands (Lisca Bianca, Bottaro, Dattilo) are living populations of lizard field (Podarcis sicula) characterized by color more vivid than those of the greater island, which are the evidence of the principle of an independent evolutionary path


Panarea is the smallest island in the Aeoliana rchipelago. Scientist believe that Panarea, reefs and islets that surround it are the remains of an ancient volcano submarine, partly submerged by the waters in the interglacial periods. At the moment in the emerged part is possible to recognize a single volcanic layer with numerous secondary eruptive centers.Of the original volcano remains only the eastern part because Western has undergone several collapses which have reduced much of the original surface. The apparatus volcanic overall it must be considered the oldest in  Aeolian Islands.
It was inhabited  from the third millennium BC, because of its particularly happy and verdant nature. 23 huts ovals indicate an organized community. It was found Mycenaean pottery coming from Egeo, demonstrating the then existing business relationships. At the tip of Capo Milazzese was unearthed a prehistoric village from the Bronze Age (dating back to a period ranging from the fifteenth to the twelfth century. BC). From the archaeological point of view is interesting Basiluzzo, where they were found important evidence of Roman buildings. It was permanently inhabited until the Roman period, then the community suffered the problems of the history Aeolian with the consequent destruction. From V to VI century. DC, piracy arabo-turca hindered the further development of the island, which remained virtually uninhabited. Around the end of '600, the inhabitants stable produced wheat, vegetables and fruits that also traded in Lipari. Because of the barbarian incursions remained with few inhabitants.

Overland Tours The small promontory of Capo Milazzese is located at Cala Junco. From contrada Castello can be reached Timpone of the Corvo, the highest peak of the island. Starting from S. Peter northward is reaching Ditella known for its  fumaroles. Near St. Peter is a beneficial source of thermal hot water.

Sea Excursions Among the most important steps there is the trip to Bay Cala Junco, extreme southern tip of Panarea. Made the turn of the island we can go to the islands, to the ancient Roman ruins of Basiluzzo and Spinazzola. Lisca Bianca, with small  fumaroles submarine, Bottaro, Lisca Bianca and Dattilo shaped pyramid. To the north of Dattilo they are the five Panarelli and the Formiche whose water are diving destination.
Itineraries for divers

The Rock "Petra Nave". The pitfall of "Petra Nave" is an important part of the seabed surrounding steep Panarea. The goal of immersion is a huge mountain of boulders that the maximum depth of 33 meters, up to 11 on its top for a very considerable extent.

The wreck of Lisca Bianca Finding the wreck of the freighter sank english is pretty easy: you need to Panarea route to the rock of Lisca Bianca and cross the channel between this and the close of rock Bottaro. Next, besides the beach, the coast of the little island change abruptly direction; it is off this slope that between 30 and 40 meters lies the carcass of the ship english. The wreck is located 25 meters deep.


Prehistoric Village of Cape Milazzese


Tour of the island with stops at: Cala Junco, the cave of Tobacco, fumaroles submarine, cave of Homer and excursions at little island of Basiluzzo (with the cave of Coal), Panarelli, Dattilo, Lisca Bianca, Bottaro, and Lisca nera and Formiche.


Rocca St. Peter and Gola del Bove, Timpone of Corvo, the Calcara beach


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LEGENDA: 1-Cala Junco 2-Punta Milazzese 3-Drauto 4-San Pietro 5-Ditella 6-Calcara 7-Punta del Corvo




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