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23 luglio 2024

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Salina Island (DIDYME) Area 26,76  sq. km  Inhabitants 2400

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The forest formations (partly riforestate) and the forest of Fossa delle Felci were at the origin of the institution, back in 1980, of the first protected areas of the Sicilian territory. Among the chestnut lives dormice (Myoxus glis), surely introduced in historical age. Remarkable is the diversity of rhe birds, which in addition to sedentary species include a large number of migrants, due to the presence of salty pond of Punta Lingua. From a naturalistic profile, the most interesting zone is that Western: on the Cliff south of Pollara back every summer to nest twenty pairs of Queen falcon (Falco aeleonorae), rare falcon endemic in Mediterranean and authentic "specialist" of the small islands; on the little island in the middle of the bay, the Rock Faraglione, found refuge one of the last populations of black lizard Aeolian (Podarcis raffonei), and are nesting a few pairs greater shearwater (Calonectris diomedea), whose songs, similar to tears of a child, echo night against the walls of tufa that dominate the beach.


After Lipari  is the second island in terms of extension: about 27 sq km in area. Instead, it is the highest with the peaks of the mountains "Fossa delle Felci" and "Monte dei Porri", old volcanoes. It is the second most populated island in the archipelago with its 2400 inhabitants. From a historical point of view was also Salina protagonist in the development of the eolian Neolithic. In the life of island are alternating periods of complete abandonment and others of strong growth.

Some findings at St. Marina reported a substantial settlement, formed around the fourth century BC, developed in Hellenistic age and then even more in the late imperial Roman age. Development continued until Byzantine and medieval ages. Around the seventh century AD Salina was one of the most populated Aeolian because volcanoes of Lipari were in eruption. The Arab invasions made it deserted until around the seventeenth century populations and activities known new splendor. The development of the island is also due to the aboundance of water and thus of  vegetation.

Overland Tours A road network linking the three towns and the within of island, allowing striking routes for  views offered by nature. South St. Marina meets the salty lake Lingua (now little more than a pond separated from the sea by a thin embankment), which is used as salt until a few years ago. On Lingua can be reached Monte Fossa delle Felci, an old extinct volcano whose summit there is a splendid view on the archipelago. From S. Marina to the north, following the road that runs along the sea, cross Capo faro (Head Lighthouse) until graceful center of Malfa. After fraction of Malfa, the main road branches off into two directions. The first leads to the seaside village of Pollara, where there is the most beautiful beach of the island scenery of the film Il Postino of M.Troisi. Here we go swimming in a rock setting, the structure of which is the middle of a semicircle of the crater. The second branch until then fraction of Valdichiesa (Azienda Agrituristica Galletta) where you can admire the shrine of "Nostra Signora del Terzito" (Our Lady of Terzito) built in 1600. The road connecting Leni to Malfa winds to a path that leads to Monte dei Porri, surrounded by poplars, chestnut trees and ferns. Continuing on the main road, we finally reached the picturesque Rinella, was originally a small group of houses lined along the beach, it is now one of the most popular tourist centers of the island.

Trekking  to "Fossa delle felci". Salina the island greener throughout the archipelago, is the ideal place for lovers of this discipline and tranquility; "Fossa delle Felci" is the highest peak throughout the archipelago and nature reserve. Starting from Valdichiesa (Azienda Agrituristica Galletta) or S. Marina Salina you can make an excursion to the mountain, from which one can enjoy a wonderful panorama with the view of the entire archipelago, the coast of Sicily and, in the distance, of Etna.

Excursion via sea. Around the island by boat we admire, as well as the transparency of the sea, the beautiful cliffs worked by the force of nature, the delightful beaches and villages, from typical white houses, lying along the sea or half coast . Starting from Santa Marina the tour of the island by boat and pointing northwards, Salina reveals also  his nature through the volcanic rocks of the wild cliffs of Capo Faro and Torricella. From here We flank the picturesque but impressive valleys of terminals of volcanic peaks. Continuing, we arrive at Punta del Perciato, which is a big arc in promontory created by the force of the sea. Leaving behind the Perciato you get the stack of Pollara, rich in caves. Just beyond is double the west end of Salina and continue until Rinella. Finally meets Punta Lingua, which is the peak closest to the island of Lipari; completing the turn retourning s to S. Marina. The sea surrounding the island is rich in fish. The fish of "cicirella" sauri, anchovies, sardines, occhiate and ope is abundant, the swordfish is done with good results.

Itineraries for divers

The Secca of Pollara After Punta del Perciato we enter the spectacular bay of Pollara, within an ancient crater, now partly collapsed. The "secca" is located a few hundred meters. At off rock that emerges at the center of drops there are huge boulders and imposing, high over 10 meters and close with each other, to form a continuous structure rocky and very extended: peaks, valleys, sandy trails at the base of walls, similar in streams that flow in a canyon. Among the impressive fund rocks are beautiful actinia, extensive colonies of yellow sponges from osculi prominent and beautiful rock walls, enriched by the ramifications of yellow sea fans. The rocky gorges are very rich in Gronghi and Murene.

The Secca del Capo It is a rocky area that rises to the surface, surrounded by depths of several hundred meters deep. The references that fishermen use to find the point are three: the Faraglione of Pollara must appear in the hole of Punta Perciato; Mount Rosa should be entirely with  Punta Castagna, while the Rock of Nave must "do canalicchio" with Panarea, ie forming a "V" without being completely detached from the tip of the island. You must go into planning a water depth between forty and forty-five meters. From here you will have a spectacular view of the secca, completely surrounded by a cloud of guarracini black contrast violently with the whiteness of the rock and the blue of the sea. The bottom consists of large boulders, rich in  lair fish. What changes here compared to other areas is likely to hold sensational meetings with  fish out of the ordinary, especially for pelagic species.



Malfa Museum of Aeolian emigration (090.9844372) and the Art Gallery library (090.9844372)


At Salt Lake Punta Lingua admire the remains of walls of imperial Rome, Monte Fossa delle Felci m. 962, Nature Reserve Monte dei Porri (advisable guided excursion). A boat tour with a stop at Pollara with his stack (where enjoy splendid sunsets), Punta Perciato (Rinella) and the ancient port of Malfa


  • Municipality of St. Marina Salina

    • Emergency 090.9843064

    • Doctor 090.9844005

    • Pharmacy via Risorgimento 090.9843098

    • Carabinieri 090.9843019

    • Delegation beach 090.9843451

    • Hydrofoil boats Siremar 090.9843004

    • Hydrofoils Ustica Lines 090.9843003

    • Ferries NGI 090.9843003


  • Municipality of Malfa

    • Guard medical 090.9844005

    • Pharmacy via Umberto 090.9844188

  • Municipality of Leni

    • Guard medical 090.9809186

    • Pharmacy via Freedom 090.9809053

    • Forest Guard 090.9880547

    • Ustica Lines pier Rinella 090.9809233

    • Siremar pier Rinella 090.9809170


LEGENDA: 1-Lingua 2-Santa Maria Salina 3-Malfa 4-Pollara 5-Santuario della Madonna del Terzito (Valdidchiesa) 6-Leni 7-Rinella 8-Monte Fossa delle Felci




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